2 Retirement Goals Most People Never Hit

You may have lots of goals for your golden years, but will you achieve them? We all like to think YES! But the reality is, so many things can derail our plans and we may never get back on track. Check out these two retirement goals most people never achieve.

#1: Write A Book

Writing the next great American novel is a dream of many. What better way to memorialize yourself to future generations than through the printed word? Forbes says they see a lot of retirees with this common goal, whether that’s a children’s book, cookbook, spy novel, or personal memoirs. However, it’s a lot easier to say you’ll write a book than actually take the time to do it. It takes months of research, plus you have to actually know how to write and write well. That being said, you don’t have to write a 700-page novel right out of the gate to be published by an NYC publisher. Nope. Start small. You don’t need anything but an idea and a computer.

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Remove those roadblocks that may get in the way of your motivation. It’s important to enjoy the creative process, so take your time to flesh out your ideas and put pen to paper. Another great part of it all is to share those thoughts and ideas with other. Let your family and friends check out your first draft to get their perspective and feedback. This is where most people lose steam. No one likes to be criticized, and many people take offense. However, push on through, take the advice, and move on.

Ready for publishing or printing? Use online resources like InstantPublisher.com that offer you a variety of book templates for any size document with pre-designed covers. You don’t have to order thousands of books. Start with 25 and see how it goes. Also, you could consider e-books, which people can download and read online, such as at Amazon.com orBarnes and Noble.

Over time, you’ll develop your own writing style and confidence, graduating to bigger and bigger pursuits. Don’t be a statistic – keep pushing through to write that book!

#2: Make a Million Dollars

Most people would say they’d like to make a million dollars. Who wouldn’t? But how many people actually make it to that goal? Not many. Unfortunately, most people will not have saved a million dollars once they retire. Not even close, in many cases. In fact, about less than one percent of people have a million dollars saved in their retirement plans.

This goal can seem out of reach and distant if you don’t put the resources you have into making it happen. Many times, obstacles stand in your way, such as pre-conceived notions or the feeling that you could never possibly save that much. But, if you are dedicated to saving within your existing plans, plus re-directing additional funds towards your retirement goals, you can achieve your dreams of retiring a millionaire. Options include switching to low-cost investments for your 401(k) like Index funds and ETFs or putting future bonuses or raises right into your savings.

You’ve worked hard all your life, why not keep it going and achieve your life goals? Just be careful about whom you entrust your savings, and keep the number of a stockbroker fraud lawyer handy.

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