Month: March 2020

Epidemic impact on economy

Coronavirus, the COVID19 has targetted the second largest economy of the gobe. With it’s epicentre in Wuhan, the coronavirus epidemic has claimed an appoximate number of 2800 lives and put into risk a number of more than 80,000 lives into it’s radar. This zoonotic catergory of virus gets easily transmitted from animals and human beings, […]

Steps to start a company … a complete guide to creating your own company step by step Abdulrhman wrote last update 10 August 2019 0

Although establishing a company does not necessarily require that you have a high academic degree or previous experience in corporate management, nor is it even necessary to own capital, despite this it is not so easy.  The process of setting up a company involves working on many stages and at each stage a lot of […]

Why should your business go for ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is a Worldwide Standard that defines requirements for a job-related health and safety monitoring system, as a guidance for the use, to allow an organization to boost its OH&S performance in stopping injury and ill-health proactively. ISO 45001 is planned to be suitable for any type of organization despite its dimension, kind, as […]


A critique can be defined as a procedure led by methodical and disciplined of a composed or spoken discourse. It is also called a critical review as well as ought to not be mistaken for a literary works testimonial. The French term review was originated from a Greek word kritikē, which indicates “the faculty of […]

What are IX materials made from?

The IX resin matrix is developed by cross-linking hydrocarbon chains with each other in a process called polymerization. The cross-linking offers the material polymer a more powerful, much more durable framework and a better ability. While the chemical make-up of many IX resins is polystyrene, particular kinds are produced from acrylic, either methyl acrylate or […]

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