3 Best Payday Loan Practices

Need cash quickly?

Need cash now?

We see many clients come to Money4youpaydayloans.com when times are tough, and money is tight. We fill an immediate and emergency need for many people with the best payday loans in the marketplace. Payday loans are meant as a short-term financial help to consumers. A payday loan goes under many names such as payday advance, salary loan, payroll loan, small-dollar loan, short-term loan cash advance. Whatever you chose to call the loan it is, all the same, an unsecured short-term loan that links to the borrower’s payday.

What does short-term mean?

Short term loans mean that the consumer pays off their loan on their next payday.

Are not all payday loans the same?

No. The payday loan market, while originally set up to help consumers out of tight finances, short-term, there are some lending stores that institute deception and other illegal conduct that takes advantage of a consumer already stressed out with finances. Thinking about a payday loan, know consumer rights and the payday loan company before proceeding.

We warn our clients that not all payday loan advance stores are honest. These are a few of some illegal acts performed by a payday loan company to be aware?

  • Engaging in deceptive, unfair advertising
  • Unfair billing practices
  • Violation of Section 5, FTC Act
  • Non-compliance with disclosure requirements of the Truth In Lending Act
  • Violating the Credit Practices Rule’s regarding wage assignment clauses
  • Conditioning credit on pre-authorization of electronic fund transfers
  • Employing unfair deceptive/abusive  collection practices
  • Scammers trying to collect fake payday loan debts not owed
  • Loan stores situated on Native American reservations to evade state and federal protection laws.

We realize that things happen in life that is completely out of an individuals control. It is at these times that we offer sincere and honest help in the way of a short-term loan to help consumers over a financial hurdle.

What are the requirements for the best payday loans at Money4youpaydayloans.com?

  • At least one month on the job with proof of income
  • An active checking account
  • A check made out to our store for the amount of money you borrow including any fees
  • Social Security applicants need to present a copy of their award letter
  • State issued ID or driver’s license with photo

What do I need to obtain the best payday loans?

  • Verification of employment or income
  • An active checking account
  • A post-dated check for the amount of the loan including the fees

What is the process to get my money?

After all, verifications are presented and approved you will write a check for the amount of money, including the fees that you borrow. The store holds onto your check until you come back on your next payday to pay for the loan and buy back your check. If you fail to come to do this, the store deposits your check into your bank at the end of the day and the money is automatically withdrawn from your bank. If there is no money to cover the check may return to the store or can be presented to the bank up to three times before returning to the store. You will have additional check return fees to pay on top of the loan and interest fees.

We have been in business for over 20 years servicing the needs of our communities when the going gets a bit tough we are there to help short-term. We offer,

  • The first loan at 100 percent free, meaning no interest or fees.
  • Same day cash
  • Bad Credit is no problem
  • 100 percent safe and secure
  • Approval in 15 minutes or less.

When the going gets tough, come to Money4youpaydayloans.com the best payday loan in Utah. We can help you out of tight financial situations. We are a reputable and legal company serving our communities well over the past 20 years. Give us a call today, access us online, or visit one of our stores nearest you for the money you need today.

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