4 Design Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom More Livable

If you have a small bedroom, it can be hard to find room for all the essentials unless you are prepared to think outside the box and utilise a few innovative space saving solutions. Below are some top small bedroom design tips that could help you turn your small bedroom into a much more livable space.

Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is the swiss army knife of the furniture world, it achieves its great space saving feats by fulfilling multiple functions, often allowing you to reclaim upto 100% of the floorspace you would need if you opted for single purpose furniture.

Cabin beds can combine a sleeping area with a computer desk, this is ideal for students and teenagers with small rooms, because it provides a dedicated study area at no additional floorspace cost. If you don’t really need a desk in your bedroom, and would prefer more storage space, then consider a trundle bed.

Trundle beds feature a full length drawer that pulls out from underneath the bed, and can be great for storing out of season clothing, camping equipment, and anything else that you don’t need to access that frequently. One major drawback with trundle beds is the fact that you need clear floor space around the bed in order to be able to pull the drawer out, so they only really only work well in small rooms that have a fair sized walkway along the edge of the bed.

Built-in Wardrobes

Small bedrooms often have an area of unusable space that is the wrong size to accept any off the shelf furniture. Normally these spaces are alcoves between a chimney breast and an adjacent wall. Reclaim this space by turning it into a built in wardrobe, simply either build the wardrobe cabinet yourself, or employ a carpenter to do it for you, then order your made to measure sliding wardrobe doors online. Not only does this give function to previously defunct area, it also means that you free up a significant amount of additional space, because you no longer need a free standing wardrobe.

Use Light Colors

Painting your room in dark colours will make the walls seems closer than they actually are. This is particularly bad in rooms that are already small! Opt for colours such as white, light pastel shades, or even light shades of grey. This will give your room the appearance of being slightly larger than it actually is, and although this optical illusion will not help when it comes to fitting in bigger furniture, it can help make the space more livable. If your small room has a very high ceiling, you might be able to get away with using a dark colour on the ceiling to give it a visually lower appearance and make the room more cosy.

Full Length Mirrors

Full length mirrors can be a great way to make the room feel even bigger, these can either be wall mounted or mounted on your sliding wardrobe doors.

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