A beginner’s guide to Flexible Conduit

Whether it’s your home or your office, you need to make sure that your cables are secure. Flexible conduit can protect your cables from being damaged or unplugged by accident, allowing you to maintain the quality of them for longer.

What is a flexible conduit?

A flexible conduit is a protective solution for cables and wires. They are the tubes that are fitted around cables to protect them from hazards. Their main purpose is to prevent any severe damage and to enhance safety.

Conduit is designed to be less rigid than any other type of conduit, offering additional flexibility and strength. Flexible conduit it’s one of the easiest products to work with and can be cut to size.

What can flexible conduit be used for?

Flexible conduit has various applications across an array of industries, includingmachinery, production, construction and infrastructure. No matter what you’re looking to protect, whether it be your telephone cableor the wires plugged into your computer, you could benefit from a flexible conduit from Flex It!

One of the most common uses of the flexible conduit is cable management- but how can a conduit keep your cables organised?

Managing cables.

Choosing flexible conduit will allow you to tidy your cables, ensuring that they are out of the way. A flexible conduit from Flex It allows you to carefully manage your cables.

If you’re sick and tired of cable spaghetti in the office or tangled wires in your home, Flex It can help you to protect your cables, making sure that they are easy to work with and safe to use. Rather than searching tirelessly to discover where the other end of the wire leads to, why not use a flexible conduit to encase your cables? This will make it easier for you to identify where the wire is installed!

Metallic conduits.

Flex It supply a complete range of flexible conduits, including the metallic conduits. Metallic conduits are ideal for any commercial or industrial application, providing you with a suitable solution for maintaining your cables.

The Plain Galvanised Steel conduits are perfect for light installations and underfloor heating where constant flexing is required, but the PVC Covered Steel conduits are suited towards dynamic applications in commercial and industrial environments.

Non-Metallic conduits.

Unlike other flexible conduits, the non-metallic ones are easy to cut to size and are less likely to twist.

From Flex It’s extensive collection of flexible conduit, the PA6 Nylon is ideal for outdoor applications- resisting grease, solvents and UV rays. The PA6 Nylon is a flame retardant conduit that is available in an assortment of sizes.

The LSOH Polypropylene is a firm favourite with those looking for extra flexibility and strength. This flexible conduit is commonly used for cable assembly and cable tidying (a perfect solution for managing your cables in the office!)

Other non-metallic conduits include the PVC Spiral Reinforced. As a general-purpose conduit, the PVC Spiral Reinforced conduit is one of the most flexible and durable conduits that Flex It supply.  With this, you’ll find that the insertion of cables will be quicker because it has a smooth inner bore.

How safe are flexible conduits?

When it comes to minimising dangers, the flexible conduit is guaranteed to protect your cables securely, not only preventing any trip hazards but making it easier for you to replace faulty cables.

Depending on which flexible conduit you choose, you could find a conduit to suit explosive environments. Flex It supply the flexible conduit to offer mechanical protection, ensuring that your cables are managed, protected and connected effectively.

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