An Introduction to Overseas Medical & Health Insurance for Indians

 In the recent past, India has progressed in the medical and health insurance sector. There has been a tremendous advancement in the medical field and its related policies. With the emergence of new medical technologies, there has been a rise in hospital inauguration in India; this caters to all types of patients, especially international patients. Therefore, these hospitals are also known as Multi-specialty Hospitals.

These international hospitals are famous for their excellent services and their hospitality for catering towards those who belong to other nations. Similar is the role of medical and health sector for Indians visiting overseas for business and leisure.

Looking at the growing trend of Indian visiting overseas with health insurance, there has been a dramatic change in the health plans too. There are discounts on health plans that a domestic/Indian patient can avail in other nations. These changes have been made so that it becomes easier for Indians traveling abroad to get easy access to healthcare outside India.

Now, you not only get the best healthcare services worldwide, but you can also save money on health insurance plans. It is needless to say that these saving has made is highly convenient for the common people to avail state-of-the-art healthcare facilities not only within the boundaries but also across the borders. The private medical and health insurance companies, as well as the Government of India, have taken additive measures and initiatives providing the citizen with a discount on health insurance.

This is the government’s best way to provide health security to people traveling within and outside the country. Health insurance discounts is an absolute method to avoid medical losses during an expensive treatment taken abroad. International medical insurance comes with a wide range of benefits, which are listed below:

Benefits of Overseas Medical Insurance for Indians

  • The ultimate solution to any medical issue: Health insurance allows you a comprehensive solution to healthcare issues when you are traveling outside of India. Once covered, you can travel rest assured of any medical emergencies that happen.
  • Certain health insurance plans cover your flights and transfers: In case, if you wish to make a cancellation, you are still covered and can get reimbursed for your flight and transfer tickets. They pay you for all the conveniences too. The health insurance plans compensate you for any travel delays.
  • Top-notch medical coverage with 24/7 assistance: The overseas healthcare insurance plans offer international level facilities on all kind of covers including doctor’s consultation and pharmacy bills. You are medically covered just like home, yet away from home.
  • Baggage insurance is an add-on: This is a complete add-on. Not only the new health insurance lets you save money on health insurance plans but also allows you to get covered on lost and damaged travel baggage.


Many insurance companies in India offer many great deals and health insurance discounts to the Indians. Also for those Indians who are traveling abroad, need to understand the basic medical expenses and other discounts and policies that they can avail overseas.

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