Benefits of Renting Lifting Equipment

Many industries can benefit from hiring lifting equipment rather than investing outright in expensive machinery. As a business owner, you need every competitive edge you can get and renting equipment is an excellent way to stay on top. Renting lifting equipment is cost-efficient and helps to augment your business when required.

Here are some of the many benefits associated with renting lifting equipment.

Delay on a Sizeable Investment – Choosing to purchase heavy duty, hydraulic lifting equipment can be costly, so why not take some time to rent out a wide range of brands to see which one best suits your needs. When you buy a costly piece of lifting equipment, your money is tied up in that item and it may take a long time to see a return on your investment. If you have a sizeable portion of cash riding on a lifting machine and you fail to properly maintain the item, you could losea lot of money when you eventually put it up for sale. You may have kept it in excellent working order, then suddenly the demand for that type of device doesn’t exist and the market has changed, or a new piece of machinery has entered the industry. With the advancements in technology, it is hard to predict what type of hydraulic lifting equipment may be relevant in the future.

Eliminate the Need for Maintenance Costs – In most cases, you’ll find that the company you hire your lifting equipment from carefully and methodically service their equipment. They can’t send out substandard equipment for rent, if anything goes wrong, they’d be held liable for any damages. Not to mention their reputation as a competent lifting provider would be completely shattered and they’d struggle to attract new customers while losing most of their current clients. Organisations who operate rental services usually have a team of consultants and repair personnel dedicated to looking after their assets, so you are guaranteed to have a fully serviced, state of the art lifting device delivered to your site. Hydraulic lifting companies who lease equipment must constantly check things such as:

  • Hydraulic equipment and machinery fluid.
  • They must regularly service all their equipment.
  • Lifting equipment and parts must be changed accordingly.
  • Equipment needs to be upgraded.

Eliminate Storage Costs – Another great benefit of deciding to hire lifting equipment as opposed to buying is that you save money on storage. If you rent lifting devices, you can keep them for a period, once the job has finished the rental company will come to your site and collect them. If you buy equipment you need to find a good storage area, if its left outside it will deteriorate or worse again it could be stolen.

There are numerous advantages to hiring lifting equipment rather than investing, if you are sure you want to buy, you can still learn a lot from leasing. It allows you to get a feel for different types of lifting equipment until you find one that perfectly suits your business needs. It eliminates all sorts of costs and gives you access to well-maintained equipment.

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