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Contact Lake Charles Maritime Lawyers to get compensation for injuries

Maritime law is a body that takes care of the employees working in docks. The law covers both domestic and international employees. The matters covered in this law include Shipping Navigation Human and employment rights Property damage Stowaways Pollution standards Piracy Towage Insurance Shipping standards for various bodies of water Recreation Wrecks and salvaging Transportation […]

Personal injury cases

Accidents and injuries have become common nowadays. Injury or accidents may be due to cars or scooters or you may even slip and fall. As per WHO 1.25 million accidents occur globally. You would have seen people who had accidents and are suffering from minor or serious injuries. But they would have failed to take […]

What Do Labour Law Consultants Do?

The complexity of labour legislation in South Africa requires expert advice in order to ensure business legislation compliance. But what exactly do labour law consultants do to achieve this? Keep reading to find out how they assist businesses to comply with Acts and legislations like: Basic Conditions Of Employment Act (BCEA) Labour Relations Act (LRA) […]

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