Don’t worry if you forget your Tezos wallet details. Follow the instructions to recover your account

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Sometimes people forget their passwords and face difficulty in logging their accounts. People got panic as they think that they cannot get their accounts back. Let me tell you a piece of good news that now you can quickly recover your account. If the person cannot remember the password for a long time, they should write it on paper. Sometimes you face a digital wallet problem, so you should always choose the best wallet for tezos cryptocurrency. There are different types of wallets, so you have to choose one out of all.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover your account.

It is good news that technology has invented the easiest ways of restoring the cryptocurrency data. Once you opened your account, you will get access to public and private keys. The password of the wallet for tezos coins should be unique and include some symbols. Now we are explaining three methods that will help to restore your digital wallet.

Step-1: One-time password

The simplest way to log in to your account is to enter the one-time password. Now everyone will be asking how they will get a unique password. The answer is simple that you can get a text message on the registered mobile number. The five-digit code is your password, which is only applicable for a few minutes. If you are unable to login to your account in a particular time limit, then the password gets expired. You need to request a new one time password. When you enter the correct code, then you can reset your password. Try to enter a secure and easy password so that you cannot forget it easily.

Step-2: Email verification

When you cannot restore your account using a one-time password, then you can go for email medication step. The Mobile verification step is only suitable when you have your mobile in your hands. Sometimes the number you entered while making the account is no longer your mobile number. In this case, email verification provides you instant recovery. All you need to do is enter your registered email address, and the company will send you a code that you need to begin. The system is valid for a minute, so you need to enter it immediately.

Step-3: Public key number

Firstly the person should not get confused between the public and private key numbers. So here we are talking about the Public a name which starts from Tz1. If you remember your public key number, then you can easily log in to your account without following any verification procedure. The federal key number is lengthy, so learning the code is not possible. So you should rewrite this number on your mobile notes.

In short

Don’t worry if you have lost your tezos wallet number because nowadays it is easy to restore your account. Earlier it was tough to restore your account if you missed it or forgot the password. All thanks to the modern technology that has made things easy and comfortable.

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