DTH Vs Cable operator’s set top box: Which one to choose?

There are quite a few differences between DTH connection and set-top box. It would be essential to know how these two work before you can choose which one you should have for yourself. The key difference lies in the fact that the set-top box decodes the signal received from the broadcaster. In DTH or direct-to-home services, a satellite is used to transmit the signal of the broadcaster directly, which is then decoded and viewed by the user.

What is a Set-top box?

The function of the set-top box is to receive digital signals and send them to the television display. This received signal can be a television signal or Internet signal. A telephone connection or cable can be used for this purpose. A lot more channels can be delivered by the set-top box than the cable system. There will be multiple channels on the signal, and it would be filtered based on the user’s choice. Two-way communication is possible through set-top boxes today. This offers the benefits of interactive features and premium channels.

What is DTH?

A direct to home connection contains a personal dish that is installed in individual homes and receives satellite programs. There is no need for the local cable operator with DTH. Only the cable operators could receive satellite programs in the past, and they were distributed to the individual homes. This notion has been removed by a DTH connection. The DTH has a broadcasting centre, a receiver, multiplexer, modulator and satellite. The service provider has to lease a Ku-band transponder from the respective satellite.

What is the difference between cable and DTH?

While the set-top box helps to decode the signal received by the user, there are many components in DTH like multiplexers, satellites and broadcasting centre.

The signal is received through a cable and then decoded in cables, while the signal is received in the form of a broadcast directly to the consumer, and the set-top box decodes the signal.

The set-top box is used by satellite and cable services, while DTH can be used in the most remote areas.

Which one should you have?

You should consider the channels that you want to watch. While some of these packages would be cheaper with DTH, others would be cheaper with cable. You should take a look into what people of your locality are using. The customer support is DTH is quite good. DTH offers free service like mobile TV. It is easy to recharge DTH through mobile wallets and avail cashback. If the cable service offers Internet connection and discounts on the prices, they can be considered along with DTH.

It can be seen that DTH is much more convenient. It is something that has emerged as the technology of today. Getting customer services on DTH is also quite easy, especially with Airtel. You can recharge your DTH service on the website itself or use a mobile app for the same.

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