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We’ve have all had money owed to us by various businesses throughout our lives. Maybe it was a final paycheck from a former employer, a rebate check for something we bought, or a utility deposit for an account at a former residence. As a result, many of have also not received a payment that we are entitled to and ended up forgetting about it. Did you know that these funds don’t just go back to the business that owes you? Instead, the business must turn the money over to your state’s unclaimed property department where it sits until you come along to claim it.

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If you want a little extra money (and who doesn’t!), you should check with your state to find out if they are holding any of your cash or property. To do so, just search for your state’s unclaimed property website. There you will be able to search your name or family member’s name to see if you have any money that is owed to you.

You are probably saying to yourself that there is no way you are owned any money or property that you don’t know about. Think again! The amount of money that states are holding for their citizens is massive, and countless numbers of people are able to claim money they completely forgot about or never knew they had.

If you are running into any problems locating your money, you can always contact a professional unclaimed property locator. One reputable company in Florida that offers such services is Finder Investigative Services. They will help you locate your Florida missing money. Their search services are free and they can also assist you with filing your claims which can save you a lot of time and headaches.

And while you are searching your own name, also be sure to search for deceased family members. You may be entitled to claim their money too.

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For more detailed information on unclaimed money and property, as well as how you can recover your money, go to There is a wealth of information there as well as contact info for people who can provide professional assistance.

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