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You may never know how many efforts SEO geeks make to help you beat competitors’ website ranking. Even, Google often updates its algorithms, and thus, to win every time on the website battle, it’s essential to connect with the right company for expecting the best SEO services that could level up your online business image.

It would be easy to reach on the top page of Google, but holding an image constantly can be such a daunting job. How will you suppose to expect constant love from your online followers? A simple answer to this question is the READABILITY of your website’s content. Hence, when you work under an SEO Company in India it will be better for your website’s growth and popularity in the competitive market.

Website Readability Affect SEO

If your website is continuously winning the first position on a search engine, it would be great. But, you will lose your position if you get fail in providing engaging articles. If your perfectly optimized content doesn’t read well, visitors will not choose to stick to your website. If your website content is engaging and grammatically proper, your readers will trust your website. Once they find your content engaging, they comment, share, and view more articles from your website.

Bounce rate and time on page – these are two key factors when Google weighs up your website’s worthiness for the top-most position of SERPs. This means, terrifying your readers away with illegible content means your website’s ranking starts suffering regardless of many other well-positioned website keywords.

To understand how readability affect SEO, include the below factors:

  • Content length

Long articles are more impactful to answer the user’s questions. Compare to 1000 words’ content, 100 words’ content doesn’t contain enough information. According to a recent study, the average top Google result contains more than 1900 words.

  • Keyword density

The way your place keywords within your content play a powerful role in boosting up your online image. When you randomly place keywords on your web pages, it will make the content look a bit unnatural or keyword-stuffed. The content should never be very hard to read. Instead of stuffing keywords, make sure to find something creative where you can place keywords naturally that doesn’t affect the flow of the copy.

  • It covers detailed information

Google doesn’t come up with details on how their algorithms judge whether the topic is comprehensive or not. However, a readable and quality-rich article provides enough sort of information to the readers. And for that, readers prefer to visit, re-visit, and even suggest their dear ones go through the website for more details.

  • Grammar & spelling

Content that is well-written – this means, content that is rightly spelled and grammatically correct has better chances to gain all the attention of Google & visitors compare to content that is plagiarized, full of grammatical mistakes, and improper sentence formation. Properly written content earns the trust of Google & visitors. The more trust you gain, the more beneficial it could be for your company’s online value.

Check the website readability; you can take help from online free readability tool checkers. Find out the best SEO company in Ahmedabad that can help you understand how website readability could impact your search engine rankings practically.