Growing with the aging population

Old age is the sign of wariness for a larger population but sign of growth for the few. People who are involved in the business of caring for the aged population find the growing population of the senior citizen a sign of growth of their business. Home care industry for the aged people is growing at a faster pace as the number of people above 60 years is growing at a greater pace due to improvement in the health care services which has reduced the death rate considerably. As the younger people are becoming busier than their predecessors hence the need for Senior Home care is gaining momentum.

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Services provided by the home care agencies

  • Care givers: The young people who are there to provide assistance to the senior citizens in performing the daily chores are known as care givers. They are non medical professionals who help the aging citizens, who are not sick but require assistance in performing the routine work. They help the aging population fight against the problem of depression and loneliness.
  • Nurses: These are the medically trained care givers who provide help not only  in the daily chores but also provide services related to medical field like taking the vitals of the person or managing the diabetes schedule of the person; who is required to take the diet and the medicine as suggested by the dietician. They are also capable of taking care of the bed ridden patients, who are unable to take care of themselves and require regular monitoring, by medically trained assistants.
  • Therapy services: if you are having aged patients who require regular therapy then you can get in touch with com which provides all types of therapy. These therapies can vary from strengthening of muscle therapy to speech therapy and the occupational therapy which helps them to perform daily activities smoothly.
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