Here’s how car accident lawyers help their clients 

How To Pick The Right Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident that was a result of someone’s gross negligence, you have the right to claim for compensation. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows victims to file for personal injury lawsuits within a period of three years, and the count starts from the date of the accident. Many people often ask an important and simple question – “Is it really necessary to hire a lawyer?”. In this post, we are sharing more on how a car accident lawyer Grand Junction can help. 

  1. Gathering evidence. The aftermath of car accidents can be overwhelming, and beyond the injuries that are obvious, there can be long-term impact of the accident on your health, work life and lifestyle. The role of an attorney is to gather evidence and ensure that the rights and interests of the client are protected. For this, the car accident lawyer may initiate their own investigation, where they may talk to medical experts to know your condition better and seek an opinion, take witness statements, and gather relevant details. 
  2. Negotiate with the insurance company. This is often where most victims need an attorney. Talking to insurance companies may be harder than you expect. These companies have vast legal resources at disposal, and they will try their best to reduce their financial liability. Many insurance companies even use tactics to blame the victim for the accident. So that you don’t fall in any of these traps, you should consider hiring a lawyer. 
  3. File a lawsuit. While most car accident claims in Colorado do get settled through negotiation with the insurance company, things may take an ugly turn at times, and it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. Your attorney is in charge of ensuring that clients get the assistance they need, and they will take care of the legal aspects and paperwork involved, besides representing you in court. 

Check online for a reliable attorney who has experience with car accident cases in particular. Don’t shy away from asking questions or discussing the work of the attorney before you hire them finally to take matters ahead. 

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