How to Buy Insurance Online for Your Family Car? 

In India, a four-wheeler that is useful to the entire family, a family car, is still the most popular segment of the market. As all members of the family regularly travel in the family car, it is important to have an adequate car insurance policy. Besides the mandatory third-party four-wheeler insurance to drive on the roads, a comprehensive insurance policy is quite helpful to protect the car driven by family members with different levels of driving skills and experience. Nowadays, insurance companies are providing safe and easy processes to purchase car insurance online. 

It can also help if you consider your car’s brand and model before you purchase the insurance policy, since the amount of insurance cover for every car won’t be the same. Some cars tend to have higher insurance coverage because of their market price. By determining the right coverage for your family car, you can ensure that the insurance cover offers adequate protection against damages. And speaking of family cars, one name that comes to mind is the popular Maruti brand. And thus, many reputed insurance providers offer dedicated Maruti insurance for your family’s four-wheeler for comprehensive coverage and protection against various types of damages.

What is a Family Car? 

A family car is one that is used by members of a family. It could be used to drop children at school and bring them back, take the spouse to work or shopping, run errands, do hospital visits, and so on. It could also be the one in which the whole family travels on long drives or weekend trips. Therefore, a comprehensive motor car insurance policy is ideal for such a vital shared resource. It will safeguard each member of the family against any unfortunate event on the road. 

What is Car Insurance? 

Car insurance is a contract under which the insurance company agrees to safeguard the owner of a car against any expenses as a result of adverse events such as accidents, theft, riot damage, vandalism etc. There are several types of four wheeler insurance policies available in India, namely, a third-party coverage policy, a standalone damage policy, and a comprehensive cover policy. A comprehensive cover policy is the best for your new family car.

You can drive your car on the road only if you possess a valid insurance policy. It is all the more important for a family car as different family members may be driving at different time points and no one should get stuck on the road without proper documentation. 

Many insurance companies now offer a variety of motor car insurance policies with customized features. What’s more, you can purchase and renew car insurance online in easy and secure steps. In the post-COVID scenario, TATA AIG car renewal online is a great advantage to family car owners.

 How can you buy car insurance online for your family car? 

 You can purchase car insurance online in the following manner.

  1. Select a car insurance company and visit their website 

Firstly, you must select the car insurance company through which you want to insure your family car. Then, you must visit their official website and select the car insurance policy that is most suited to your requirements. 

  • Enter vehicle particulars to fetch the premium amount 

The next step is to input your car’s details to let the premium calculator give you the premium amount for the selected four-wheeler insurance policy. If you find the aforementioned amount feasible, you can proceed to buy the policy. 

  • Submit the required personal particulars 

On the next page of the online policy application form, you must enter the required details pertaining to your car, including its model and fuel type. In addition to this, you should also enter the relevant personal details such as your name, address, and valid photo identification number. If the car is registered under your name, all of the aforementioned information will automatically be fetched once you enter your car’s registration number. 

  1. Choose the add-ons you want to include in the policy 

There are several add-on features that you can add to your car insurance policy, including roadside assistance, emergency transport and hotel expenses, repair of glass fibre and plastic parts, and security of the engine. All of the aforementioned add-ons provide an additional layer of protection to your family car. You must select the additional features you want to include in your car insurance policy and proceed to the next step in the process. 

  1. Proceed with the purchase of the policy 

After checking the final amount of the premium, you can proceed with the purchase of your car insurance policy. It is advisable to purchase car insurance online because of the relative savings in terms of time, effort, and money. The whole process is transparent and safe and allows you to compare different policies without having to visit the offices of different insurance companies. 


You can purchase a car insurance policy for your family car online by following a simple process. Remember to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy so as to ensure complete protection for your family and your car. 

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