How to get a personal loan at favorable interest rates 

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For the first-time borrower, it is quite tough to apply for a personal loan. But if you have information about the application process, eligibility, documents, etc., you can easily avail a personal loan. 

A personal loan is the best way to cover your expenses and meet your financial goals. But while applying, you must stay aware of the mistakes you might make. The main problem the borrower faces is the personal loan rate of interest

So, taking a personal loan at the most favorable interest rates is important without making any mistakes. 

  • Applying for a personal loan without credit checks 

Your credit score is an important factor that decides whether you get approved or rejected for the loan. If your credit score ranges between 750-900, you will be approved for a personal loan at low-interest rates. 

So, checking the credit reports before applying for a personal loan is suggested. If any issues or mistakes arise in your credit report, you must fix them first and only then apply for a personal loan. 

  • Borrow more than your need

While availing a personal loan, ensure to only borrow the amount you need. You can easily obtain a personal loan at low-interest rates if you have a good credit report. However, taking the exact loan amount you need is suggested. 

If you borrow the loan amount more than what you need, you may face difficulty in the future when applying for other loans or risks to your financial security. As the borrower, you should not make these mistakes while applying for a personal loan. 

  • Apply to different lenders at the same time 

While applying for a personal loan, the lenders must check your credit history. It is called the hard inquiry. Whenever this happens, your credit score goes level down. If you apply for more than one loan within a short time, you will find that you cannot manage your money, and it appears to be a risk for lenders. 

This case makes it tough for you to get approval for a personal loan and even leads to higher interest rates. So, you should not apply for multiple loans at the same time. 

  • Not comparing the options

There are many lender options available for availing personal loans. Some lenders possess lower interest rates, whereas others possess high ones. But people do not make the comparison among two or more lenders and directly avail the personal loan from the first lender they find. 

Later, they are unable to repay the loan owing to higher interest rates. To avoid these mistakes, you must compare the lender options and avail a loan from those who impose a low-interest rate. 

  • Not checking terms and conditions

Terms and conditions contain complete information on administration costs, foreclosure charges, bounce charges and prepayment charges. People usually make these mistakes by not reading the terms and conditions in the loan agreement. 

So, it is suggested not to make this mistake. You should check all the terms and conditions before obtaining a personal loan. 


It is most important to know about all the mistakes that are usually made by borrowers while taking a personal loan. To avoid discrepancies, you must avoid all the above mistakes. 

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