How to Keep Your uPVC Windows in Good Condition

Keeping your uPVC windows clean can have a noticeable impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Generally speaking uPVC windows need only the bare minimum of maintenance. Unlike wooden window frames, which need to be rubbed back and re-varnished or painted every few years, uPVC windows usually only require cleaning a few times a year to stay in good shape.

How to Clean Your uPVC Window Frames

If you clean your window frames regularly, then this task should be relatively easy and quick to perform. The best way to clean uPVC frames is by using an old paint brush to remove cobwebs, dust and dirt, then use a handheld vacuum to clean up the loosened debris before wiping down the frames with a soft white cloth and cleaning solution. Unless your window frames are heavily soiled, a simple solution of hot water and a few drops of washing up liquid will do the trick nicely.

Don’t use a coloured cloth for this task, because if the dye runs it could transfer onto your window frames and discolour them. This kind of colour transference can be very hard to correct without resorting to specialist cleaners. You should also avoid using scouring pads or anything else that might scratch the surface of the uPVC window frames.

If your window frames are discoloured, or so heavily soiled that washing up liquid does not seem to be up to the task, then nip to your local hardware store and pick up some solvent based uPVC cleaner, this may be sold as either uPVC window cleaner or uPVC patio furniture cleaner. It’s important that you do not let this solvent come into contact with and silicone beading  around the window frames or the window seals, as this type of cleaning agent can degrade silicone.

Restoring Aged And Discoloured uPVC Frames

If your uPVC window frames are aged or discoloured, then you may want to contact a uPVC specialist. upvc windows Swansea can advise you how to bring a brilliant white shine back to uPVC windows that are ten or twenty years old.

How to Clean The Glass

There are number of ways to effectively clean glass, an old trick is to use a bowl of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid, then and add a dash of vinegar or lemon juice which will prevent streaking. This still works as well as it ever did, but there are also modern off the shelf alternatives such as windowlene or supermarket own-brand glass cleaners that you can use. Use a microfibre cloth or mop when cleaning the glass.

General Maintenance

To keep your windows in tip top shape, you will need to apply a little oil to the windows mechanisms every six to eight months. Simply give each pivot point and rail slider a quick spray and then wipe off any excess oil. You can also lubricate the locking mechanisms by applying oil to the key, then inserting it into the lock and gently moving it back and forth.

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