How to sell domain names on domain marketplaces

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One person’s trash is another’s treasure, they say. This idiom is as common in the vast world of the World Wide Web as it is in everyday life.

For over 20 years, domain names have fetched incredible prices whenever the right buyer appeared. In fact, GoDaddy reports that the website name is the most expensive domain of all time, selling for a whopping $49.7 million in 2012.

Now might be a good time to say: If you’re stuck with a domain you no longer need, or want to know the value of a domain, multi domain might not be for you. -Million Dollars -Dollar accounts must be made. Retail price in dollars – but there’s a good chance you’ll make a nice profit.

Perhaps you bought a domain name years ago with the intention of building your own working website, but other commitments got in the way and the URL just went unused. not. Or perhaps your existing domain name no longer makes sense and you want to move to a new domain name. Either way, if you want to profit from your domain name purchase, you have many options.

Below is a comprehensive guide to selling domain names to prospective buyers and the three best platforms for doing so.

Domain Marketplace

The domain name market has grown significantly in recent years with the introduction of new domain extensions such as .io, .info and .store. Now businesses can get attractive short names for their websites without paying extra for the coveted .com top-level domain (TLD).

When it comes to selling names, the original non-locale TLDs of .com and .net are particularly popular with online users because they are widely accessible and familiar. Here are some details on how to determine the value of a domain name you own.

A great tool for comparing and contrasting similar domain name values ​​is in Domains firm.

These Domains marketplaces help website owners advertise their domain names to interest. Domains firm is ideal if you are interested in exchanging domain names for profit. However, be aware that there is a lot of competition when it comes to trading top-level domains.

Details on the industry’s most popular domain name marketplaces are provided later in this guide. But before that, let’s consider some other options available to users who want to sell their website address at a high price.

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