How to start a website without done any coding

Now days many people love to do blogging especially those who love to write. Blogging is mainly an article that is based on any event, situation or can be on many topic. Blogging has now become very popular and many bloggers do the blogging to earn some good money. Blogging needs very small attention or time that means even if you are in any job even then at side you can launch your own blogging website in order to earn some extra money.

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How to start blogging?

In order to start the blogging the very first thing, you need to do is design or have your website. However, designing a website is not an easy task especially when you don’t know about the website design coding. If you don’t know about how to design the website then don’t take any kind of worry because there are ways available by which you can have your own website without even knowing about a single word of coding.  In order to remove the worry about how to start a blog you should go with the option of blogging sites because these sites allow you to get a website without knowing any code.

About wordpress

These blogging sites are basically a website creator and designer that offer you to design your own website. Designing a website through these sites is very convenient and save’s your lot of time because having a code base website takes a lot of time to build and moreover you also need to maintain the code base on different types of servers. But using these sites will prove to be beneficial as you don’t need to take any kind of worry as updating and maintenance will be handled by the service provider. It also takes few minutes to set up a website from such sites and then you are ready to go and post any blog on your website.

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