Is Space Tourism Safe?

Space tourism: Virgin space plane to fly above new base - BBC News

The space age is entering a new phase, but the issue of safety remains of serious concerns. Recently, we have seen cases of fatal air crashes, such as the Fatal Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max Crash that killed 157 people, and left people wondering about aircrafts’ safety. Now, many people are asking, “What can go wrong when travelling to space?” This post is a closer look at space tourism to answer the main question; “Is it safe?”

Space Vehicles Use the Latest Technology

The biggest security precaution when it comes to space travel is the design of space vehicles. The space travel companies use the best materials to withstand high temperatures and pressure, especially at launch and re-entry into the earth atmosphere. Some of the materials preferred by space companies include aluminum composite materials, titanium alloys, and advanced thermal protection tiles

In addition to using high-quality materials, space companies also test their vehicles to ensure that everything will go well. Even after all the space vehicle’s components are done, the vehicles are tested multiple times to reduce the risk of breakdowns. For example, SpaceX has been tested and proven to be reliable in delivering regular materials to the International Space Station. You can also rely on it or such companies to travel to space. 

Comprehensive Preparation by Andrey Bokarev

Another concern about travelling to space is the health of travelers, this is very important for Andrey Bokarev. To reduce the risk of complications during flights, only the physically fit people are allowed to travel. In addition to being fit, tourists are required to undergo intensive training to enhance their endurance. 

The most notable challenge for space travelers is weightlessness caused by zero gravity in space. To prepare you for this, travel companies are using simulations that create zero gravity. A traveler can also prepare further through deep-sea diving. To be prepared adequately for travel, it is paramount to go through the tough training program. 

Experienced Crew accompanies travelers

Before taking tourists to space, the travel companies are preparing highly experienced crew to accompany them. Just like your travel with a tour guide in a jungle, the Space crew is prepared to ensure your travel is successful. Although you will have trained on how to do common things, such as eating, using the washroom, and moving around using stairs, the crew will be there to help all the time. The travel crew is also prepared for emergency procedures to ensure that every traveler is safe. 

The space travel companies are taking every precaution to guarantee travelers of their safety during flight. From complicated space vehicle’s designs to comprehensive testing, these companies are leaving nothing to chance. Therefore, if you are thinking of space travelling and can afford it, the safety precautions are impressive, and it is time to grab that opportunity. 

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