Judicious Information about business in Netherland and Dutch BV

If anyone would like to become your own boss, then the Netherlands is an awesome place to take decision for starting up own business. It is not very difficult doing business in the Netherlands. One must take care of some important things:

  • Residence & Work Permit:

If one wants to start up a venture here, one must be sure that they can stay in the Netherlands. One will need to apply for a provisional residence permit and in some conditions a work let.

If someone is self-employed then he needs residence permit:

In the Netherlands, there are possibilities to apply for a residence permit as a self-employed entrepreneur. This application operates with a points-based system, for which a small number of points must be considered. Most importantly, the ventures must offer an essential Dutch interest.

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  • Recognize the profession:

In order to start the business, consisted in the Commercial Register, one will need a trade name.

If one is doing ventures in the Netherlands and one wants to divide, it is needed to withhold dividend holding tax at a rate of 15% on the dividends.

Dutch BV or a Dutch brand company are like each other. One must know the process of establishing Dutch BV:

  1. The initial step is to inculcate the Dutch BV means of a legal document of incorporation operated by a Dutch civil law notary.
  2. After the process, the deed of incorporation must be signed by every party.
  3. The BV venture in the Netherlands will registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce by the Dutch civil law notary.
  4. The Dutch tax personality will issue tax numbers.
  5. A Dutch financial account has to unlock in the name of BV.
  6. The business administration of the branch will be maintained in the nation.
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