Juno Markets: Get To Know More About The Statistics

What you actually don’t know about the FX market is that associated with its liquidity. This foreign exchange market is often termed as the most liquid financial sector around the world. Some of the traders in this sector include central banks, government, commercial banks, financial institutions and institutional investors, currency speculators and even commercial corporations, other than individuals. So, you will find various kinds of people in the Juno Markets anytime. If you ever check out the statistical report of 2010, you will be shocked to know that the average daily turnover of his section was $3.98 trilling as of April 2010, and this mark will rise with time.

More about the calculation:

In this $3.98 trillion mark, around $1.5 trillion was known to be spot transactions and the rest was traded in the outright forwards, derivatives and other swaps. If you check out the FX market of the UK in April 2010, it actually accounted for 36.7% of the entire market, which makes it the most major center for his FX trading in the world. Trading in this country will account for 17.9% and in japan, the amount accounted o 6.2%. Be sure to get this calculation straight and covered before entering the juno markets forex now.

Going for the other statistics:

It was in April 2013 when Singapore surpassed Japan for the first time in average daily FX trading volume with around $383 billion on a daily scale. So, the order then came up to UK at 41%, followed by USA with 19%, Singapore with 6% and Japan with 6%. The last in the lot was Hong Kong with 4%. It is always mandatory to get these calculations straight if you want to make it big in this FX market. For some other details, log online and get the methods covered for sure.

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