Major Flaws of Recruiting Employees through Cheap Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment happens to be a very important process in every business. You can put your investment to start a company, but the most important feature that makes it worthwhile is investing in right employees. For this, you need to have the talented human resources professionals who can make your venture truly special.

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly popular for businesses to use recruiting consultants forhiring employees for their companies. While the practice is a bit of a tragedy in term of finding the right talent,most organizations continue to use it with a blissful ignorance. Unfortunately, the aforementioned practice has also become a widely chosen way for the consulting companies to recruit new associates.

According to the Fried rich Wind slow Taylor who is known for being the first self-appointed management consult in the world, anyone can do any sort of job. This encouraged many human resources generalists to believe that when any person can perform any kind of tasks without any industry specific content knowledge, they can employ anyone for any role in any industry. And this way, a new industry came into existence and became a standard for industrial firms to outsource their hiring process to recruitment agencies.

However, there can be different problems of hiring consultants through recruitment agencies that are not up to the standard. For example, most agencies do not have subject relatedknowledge required for your particular industry which can make applicant pre-screening process quite haphazard. While they can use different psychological tests, most of these testing methods are pseudo-scientific and can only check candidates’ character.Nonetheless, this does not determine applicants’ level of expertise which should be done through expertise judgment and discernment with industry based knowledge and requirements.

Another problem with agency recruitment flow is that they mostly consider individual with “excellent looking” resume. Upon finding these resume, recruiters think that they have found perfect employees for their clients. But, they overlook the fact that these candidates were experts in their previous working environments and may not deliver the same performance in a completely new or different environment.

Also, highly competent individuals look for the higher pay. If your competitor offers a little bit better than what you pay, they are most likely to choose them. For that reason, it is always wise to grow your competent people within the organization and use them for the growth of your business.

Recruitment agencies have different clients with different types of recruitment needs. This causes many agencies to lack time which should be given for due attention on each recruitment situation.Therefore, they mostly find a perfect match between the candidate’s resume and the company’s character and values.

However, there are also recruitment agencies like Scope Recruiters that have the potential to make a right selection for their clients. By visiting Scope Recruiting you will come to know that they only recruit those who have right expertise and knowledge that can best suit to your organization. They not only possess in-depth knowledge of labor expertise in different industries but also use the latest recruitment methods and technologies to hunt employees with specific skill set.

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