Methods to properly “breaking in” your Leather Gun Holster

Belt Loop High Ride In The Waistband IWB Premium Leather Holster – Azula  Gun HolstersIn the beginning, the leather gun holsters may feel tight and stiff; this is normal. You need to “break it in,” as the saying goes. It’s a straightforward procedure that calls for only rudimentary tools like a grocery bag, your firearm, and its holster.


After buying the holster, the vast majority of customers experience a sudden and unnecessary sense of terror. But before you start wearing your leather holster, you should loosen the re-tension screws.


How to break in your leather holster?

Following these guidelines, you may easily break in your ruger vaquero holsters. You may learn how to properly break in a leather holster by following the instructions provided here.


  • Before putting your gun in the bag, make sure it is unloaded. Position it so that the muzzle of the pistol protrudes through the end.
  • The gun must be pushed into the holster with both gentleness and firmness. Make sure the slide doesn’t go backward by using your thumb.
  • The gun should be left in the same position it was left in the previous night. This is when the fibers would loosen up and lengthen marginally. Remember that pulling the gun out too quickly will do nothing.
  • You’d have to use some muscle the following day to free the gun from its holster and plastic bag. The holster should not be held in a way that causes stress to be exerted on the gun’s frame, trigger guard, or slide. You’ll have a much harder time removing it if you wait.
  • Remove the plastic wrap from the gun and place it in the holster. The holster should have a strong grasp on the gun by now. After some use, the holster will feel more comfortable.
  • If you discover the holster is still too snug, you can try again using the plastic bag and the same procedure for a few more days.


Mistakes to avoid while first preparing your leather holster for use


  • Using a lubricant when breaking in a 1911 holster owbis a common error. Never use a silicone spray, grease, or anything that would lighten the leather. These products may increase the slipperiness of your holster to an unsafe level. This creates the risk of the gun slipping out of the holster accidentally.
  • Furthermore, lubricating the holster’s interior could potentially ruin the firearm’s aesthetics. An unrestored firearm is useless to you. Keep in mind that the pistol you carry will be safe in a branded holster thanks to the hand-finished interior.
  • Water, chemicals, or any other liquids should not be allowed to enter the holster.


How do accelerate the break-in process?


Follow the steps below to further widen the holster and speed up the break-in process for an easier pull. However, keep in mind that the more you use a quality form-fitting holster, the more snugger it will become. After the bag method has been used, letting it break in naturally is recommended. Following the instructions below to break in a holster will cause it to stretch to a larger size than it was before and result in looser retention. If the preceding approaches did not relax things sufficiently, you may find it necessary to take this step to attain a decent fit.


  • Slide the unloaded gun into the holster until the trigger guard is almost touching the inside of the holster.
  • Turn the pistol by about a sixteenth of an inch in both directions.
  • Get the gun out of the bag and into the holster, and then out again. Do this several times.
  • Take the packaging off to examine if the item fits well.
  • Repeat this step if you feel the garment is still too tight.
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