Online selling with Amazon, know the why, what’s and how

Nowadays, it is not surprising to see people putting extra hours to earn some cash.  The culture of part-time working has become an opportunity for people who wish to make extra money. The e-commerce boom has luckily simplified this stream of part-time business.

Why online with Amazon?

Doing online business with Amazon helps reaching a wider audience and this means accessing customers globally is possible. This also means your products can be sold faster. The start-up cost is also low; you need not pay any warehouse rent or hire some workforce. You can stay employed full-time online, if you expand significantly your business. Once convinced, you can register with Amazon and set your selling journey but I consider follow seth kniep course.

What can be sold?

Amazon offers two plans for selling: 1. The Professional plan includes a monthly subscription in association with a fee on each item as selling fees and this will vary based on the category.2. The individual plan has no subscription monthly fee and is appropriate for beginners who sell in a month fewer than 40 items, but they have to pay a fee on selling each item.

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How to start on Amazon?

Starting on Amazon is simple. You have to get registered following a simple process of four-steps.

  • Add products one at a time as per the catalogue of Amazon Marketplace.
  • If you already have a selling subscription professionally, just add items in large batches using the bulk tools option.
  • List your offers and begin your sales
  • Customers will be able to see on Amazon your products


What to know about Buy Box?

As you browse Amazon, customers get to navigate the main page and also to click on offers appearing right below the description of the product and see available sellers. This Buy Box allows customers to purchase by adding it to their shopping cart.

This is a key feature allowing multiple sellers to give the same product, but here winning the Buy Box as the featured seller is difficult.  There may be time you do not win the listing of Buy Box, but you must know what is taken to be in Buy Box listing.

  • Competitive pricing: The shipping and product cost should be low.
  • History: The merchant or the seller with positive selling and long history has better chances.
  • Reviews: The seller reviews has a great impact in making your sales.

However, if you wish to make it quicker into the market, here are 2 shortcuts:

  • Begin selling an item of low-competition and promote your seller ranking.
  • Offer a competitive price that brings bargain shoppers to you and increase your seller ranking.




  1. What is FBA?

FBA refers to Fulfillment by Amazon.  This is a program where your merchandise is stocked at any of the Amazon fulfillment centers and when customers buy, Amazon ships them. Thus, Amazon handles the shipping facets and customer service, while you can concentrate on making more business. The added benefits are your products reach to Prime Amazon members and you get promoted to reaching the Buy Box, regardless of the price.

Knowing these is important for any person beginning or planning to begin his product selling on Amazon. Enjoy selling!

What To Learn More About Selling On Amazon

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