Owned, earned, paid media: what’s the difference?

With increased ways to gain media coverage, the line between genuine news and advertising has been blurred. Although owned, earned and paid media each play a separate role, they all work together to create successful business awareness.

The Public Relations team at Adoni Media knows the importance of leveraging all three of these media types. Here is the information you need to know.

Owned media

This consists of leveraging a channel that you have created and have control over. This includes websites, blogs and social media pages.

With ownedmedia, you have complete control over what content is published. It is also cost effective and allows you to target niche audiences. Owned media can, however, be time consuming and there are no guarantees of reach.

To use your owned media to its full advantage, constantly brainstorm new content ideas that can be shared across all platforms to engage your audience. Be careful not to make any corporate content too biased or technical.

Earned media

This is when customers, the media and the public share your content, whether it be through mentions, shares, reviews, reposts or recommendations.

This is the most credible media type and plays a key role in growing brand awareness. Earned media can be challenging as you have little control over the type of coverage you gain and it can be difficultto measure.

Share allearned content (for example a news story that mentions your compony) through your social media channels and encourage your audience to continue sharing. This increases the level of communication with consumers and clients via their preferred social channels. The endorsement and promotion from your audience about your business, will retain and gain new followers.

Paid media

This type of media is when you pay to leverage a third-party channel. This includes advertising and sponsored initiatives.

Paid media has poor credibility and declining response rates. However, it provides immediate coverage which can also be controlled and increased by choice.

Paid media gives you the opportunity to extend your business’ reach. It can allow you to bring content that your audience may have missed back into their line of sight.

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