Everyone knows how the online casinos are working and how to play them. Normally, all the casinos are played with the help of normal currency be it dollar or euro or some other currency. But there is the new casino that accepts the payment in virtual currency. Most of us would have heard about these virtual currencies such as bit coins, Ethereum games. These are the currencies that are not controlled by any central bank in any of the currencies. These are called virtual currencies since there is no paper note or coins printed or minted. It exists purely in the form of digital currency.

How to use and play

Bitcoin Casino is the new thing to the casino world. You can register in the casino as you do in other casinos and pay the deposit using your bitcoins reserve. Security for these websites is top notch so you don’t to worry about any cyber threats that normally prevail in the gaming websites. With the higher possible security provided for the data and website from any hackers it is next to impossible to break into the website and get your details.

Apart from the change of currency it is normal play that you can proceed to play in the casino. This particular website has Roulette which is one of the most popular casino games. You can start playing the same once you made the deposit. Rules and regulations for playing the game remains same as the other casinos and you can visit bitcoin casino website and read the how to play page to know more about playing in this website. Whatever the amount you win will be in the wallet and you can transfer to your bit coin account as per the conditions laid out by the casino owners.