Re-defining the team management: Going from offline to online

With the increasing timeline of the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown, virtual team management has become one of the important criteria for managing a business effectively. Work from home set up a call for a well demanding dedication to one’s office work due to the absence of monitoring networks and tools. A virtual team refers to a group of different people working on a common project but remotely from different locations. The only thing that unites them is the online communication networks. Monitoring tools come with a dual purpose, first to protect the business from the lazy elements and other is to improve the efficiency of the employees.


 Managing virtual teams


  Virtual team managemenoften hits hard for the managers if they are unaware of the monitoring tools and stay away from establishing an effective communication network. It is very important to adopt a proper corporate culture to ensure effective team management. Lack of productivity is one of the most important roadblocks that lie ahead while working remotely. There are many types of software for employee pc monitoring. Some of the most commonly used software can be listed as follows:

 1) Clarizen

 2) Zoho projects

 3) Wrike

 4) Asana

 5) Trello

 6) Work Examiner


 All you need to know about Work Examiner


 Among the most popular employee monitoring software, Work Examiner has been able to stand out from all. It has been able to attract huge user traffic and has been able to maintain good reviews and ratings. It is popular due to the following reasons:


 1) Real-time monitoring:

  • Capable of monitoring messages, websites that the employee engages in
  • Can disable features on the operating system

2) Screen recording:

  • Efficient recording of the employee’s screen
  • Tracks all their activities

3) Effective reporting

  • Real-time reports showing the idle time and active time
  • It can be downloaded as a document or other standard formats

4) Virtual managing made possible 

  • Disable certain features
  • Can manage the access to different dashboards

5) Instant notification

  • Quick alerts
  • Warns the manager if the employee violates the rules

6) Real-time filter

  • Capable of preventing the employees from visiting certain web pages
  • Improves trust within the team

The above reasons show why Work Examiner is most preferred when it comes to selecting the employee monitoring tools. There are some more methods to ensure effective team management which can be listed as follows:

 1) Schedule informal meetings with the team members

 2) Ensure a proper feedback framework within your organization

 3) Assign responsibilities equally to the team members

 4) Plan activities to keep your team motivated

 5) Ensure the objectives are understood by the team members

 6) Appreciate the efforts taken by the team members


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