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Although unfortunate, sexual harassment in the workplace is quite common. Employers can be held responsible for the same, but filing a case and fighting it out may not be easy. That’s the precise reason why you should hire one of Queens sexual harassment lawyers for your case. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

Knowing the basics

According to NY Department of Human Rights, employers can be held responsible if sexual harassment was the fault of a co-owner, manager or supervisor, regardless of their knowledge of the incident. In case another employee was responsible for sexual harassment, the employer can be held responsible, if they had knowledge of it or knew something like that could have happened. Also, employers are required to have a clear sexual harassment policy for the workplace. 

When to contact a sexual harassment lawyer?

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work place, you should file a complaint. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible, so as to find legal assistance on relevant aspects. You should contact a lawyer anyway, if

  • You have reported sexual harassment but no action was taken
  • You have faced retaliation because of your complaint
  • You are being intimidated for filing the complaint
  • You have been fired or demoted

You may have the right to file a civic lawsuit, and your sexual harassment lawyer will be able to guide you through the process. They can ensure that you get justice, which includes compensation for loss of wages, reinstatement (if you have been fired), compensation for any medical illness that you may have suffered because of the incident. 

Things to know

Your workspace must be a safe place to work in, and while it is important to work with the opposite gender, sometimes a person may cross the line. This may refer to passing lewd comments, sharing porn-related material with you on phone, making remarks that may have made you uncomfortable, repeated requests for dates, or asking for sexual favors. If the sexual harassment comes down from a manager or supervisor, you may find it hard to open up, but talking to lawyer will help. They can help you understand what to expect from the case and if your case is worth pursuing the first place.

Check for known sexual harassment lawyers in Queens and talk to one in confidence. They will help you in knowing your rights and filing a lawsuit.  

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