The Essential Incorporate service You Need for Sure

Do not hesitate to make you known, whether to future potential customers or probable suppliers. You can also participate in trade fairs organized on the themes of entrepreneurship and business creation. When the time comes, this network will be particularly useful to you. The 3E Accounting Singapore is the best option there. To find Incorporate service in Singapore, you will not have to go anywhere else once you get that support.

Get professional training

Running a business cannot be invented. You will sometimes need to follow professional training provided by your CFE, who will support you in your entrepreneurial approach.

Initial or advanced training can also in some cases prove to be very useful or even essential to enable you to run your business at best.

Build Your File

Create and write your business plan

It is a document presenting your business project, its interest, its commercial viability and its profitability by providing financial data and investment needs. It is essential to convince your future financial partners (bank or investor) and to find financing.

Set your calendar

This calendar obviously concerns your future new business, but also your current situation, for example when to leave your current job if you are an employee, paying attention to the notice period. Share it with the 3E Accounting Singapore. They can help you out there. To Incorporate service every step that they take is specific.

Realize the Financing of Your Business Project

Submit loan requests to the bank, requests for business creation assistance to the organizations concerned (ACREdevice). For this, it is important to have built a financing plan and to have estimated your initial cash flow requirement.

You also need to be able to estimate your working capital requirement (WCR), which represents the company’s short-term financing needs. The Singapore company incorporation is the perfect option there.

Choose the legal status of your company

Several choices are available to you regarding the legal status of your company: individual entrepreneur, micro-enterprise or Commercial Company.

The legal status of your company conditions many elements:

  • Taxation of course (income or corporate tax, taxation on the actual amount of profit or flat rate on a percentage of turnover, protection of private wealth)
  • Your position within the company (individual entrepreneur, partner, manager, president) and your decision-making power
  • Your social protection (retirement, unemployment rights)
  • Your personal liability in the event of company debt
  • Your remuneration (salary, deductions, dividends)
  • The degree of complexity of the administrative and accounting formalities necessary for the creation and the life of the company
  • The minimum contribution required (minimum share capital in the case of a company)

The obligation or not of legal statutes for the company: the use of a lawyer or a notary can prove useful or even essential to avoid errors. Note that a modification of the statutes of a company involves a cost.

Submit your file with your business formalities center

You will need to provide all of the supporting documents, varying in number and in terms of the nature of your activity and the legal form of your business. If necessary, you will have to provide additional documents or regularize your situation. From 3E Accounting Singapore you will find the easy processes for the proper incorporation. Once your business creation file has been accepted, you will receive a registration extract from the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). To Incorporate service you need to be specific now. It is also necessary to publish a legal notice concerning the constitution of your company in an authorized newspaper or online.

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