Things to consider when deciding on the transmission system

Modern technology has led to advancement in transmission systems. There is the traditional manual transmission system and the automatic system, which has grown tremendously. Your skills and knowledge of the transmission will help in deciding the best suited means.

Get equipped with the basics

An automated system’s main job is to allow the engine to operate within a narrow range of speeds and at the same time provide a wide range of output speeds. Understand the gear ratio and how it affects the speed of a car, if it doesn’t have a transmission.

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The amount of power you want

If you’re aiming for more power, then a manual transmission system is the way to go. Automatic systems allow excellent acceleration but there is a substantial difference when you compare the same car using a manual transmission. The reason is that manual transmission are predominant because of the gear ratio and presence of a more precise shifting. An automatic vehicle will not usually power up to the full amount. But with a manual transmission you’re able to power up to the highest rpm and even past it with ease.

Fuel economy

If you’re seeking to save money on fuel, a manual transmission is more economical. But it’s not the only option. Most new and modern vehicles are focusing on ensuring sustainability and fuel efficiency. Even when you’re going for bangalore used cars for sale the transmission system is an important consideration. Automatic cars can offer almost the same efficiency and are a good alternative considering it’s far safer.

The cost of maintenance and repair

Manual transmission vehicles are cheaper to fix as they don’t have complicated technology intertwined with it. An automatic car is more vulnerable to failure and system updates may cause malfunctions if you’re using driver assistance.

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