Things to Look for in a Courier Company

There are many courier companies operating in the country today, so many that you may find choosing the right one difficult. How can you tell a good one from a bad one? Fortunately, we are here to help. In the following post we have a few key things to look out for when choosing one. Our guide will take the stress and confusion out of your search.

You Want a Company that is Experienced

When choosing a courier company, experience is an important thing to look for. It would be hard to put any degree of trust in a company that had no proven track record or experience in this line of work. Particularly if you needed sensitive documents delivered on time and safely. So always look for a company that has experience and that you feel confident will carry out the job at hand without problems or issues.

You Want a Company that is Professional

Professionalism is another crucial aspect you need to look for when deciding which courier company, you are going to use. A company that has a professional attitude and outlook will always be ready to accommodate your needs and will do so within their cited timeframes.

Appearance Matters

Although in some industries a more laidback attitude towards appearance and dress codes is okay, for courier companies, wearing a uniform should be an important part of the job. A courier driver is more likely to do their job efficiently and to a high standard if they are working in uniform and their van has properly branded signage. It’s also easier to trust a courier that looks like they are working for a bigger team of drivers and couriers, than someone who has a rusting transit van.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Speaking of rusting transits, you should always make sure that the drivers working for a courier company you are interested in are using vehicles that are well-maintained and inspected regularly. Vans that are looked after are more reliable and that means that your deliveries and collections are more likely to be done within the agreed upon timeframes.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

You shouldn’t just take what the company says about itself on its website or what the customer representative says on the other end of the telephone or via email. To get an unbiased viewpoint on the services offered by a courier company, you need to look for impartial reviews and testimonials. It’s a good idea to read both the good and the bad and try to establish a balanced view. Just because a company has one or two bad reviews online about them, doesn’t mean they are a bad company. Those customers may have just been unfortunate. Likewise, don’t ignore the negatives because the positives sound good. Therefore, it’s best to take a balanced view.

Are They Insured?

All the best and most reliable courier services are fully insured. This is something you really need to check before doing any business with a company. If they are insured, so too will anything you have delivered via that company. Ask how much the standard insurance covers, in case you need to buy out additional insurance if you are sending something particularly expensive.


Does the courier you are interested in track the items they collect and deliver? How sophisticated is their tracking and how often is it updated? These are questions you should be asking so that you know you will be able to follow your item or package’s every move while it’s in the courier’s hands.

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