Think Smart – Upgrade to A Smart Technology Franking Machine

If you have an older model franking machine which produces the crown and die image or are still using stamps for your postage requirements, please read on.

Smart technology enabled franking machines from Royal Mail accredited franking machine suppliers can substantially reduce costs whilst improving mailroom efficiency. Even a small business which sends 5-10 items of mail per day should notice the positive effects. A larger mailroom operation could save thousands of pounds per annum and minimise task times.

Stamps, however Royal Mail choose to present them, with themes or without, are essentially a low technology, average service, high cost option. It’s safe to say that if Royal Mail could halt stamp print runs and switch everyone to franking machines they would. It is more cost effective for them too if users employ technology.

They have stipulated that all new franking machine hire and purchases must be of smart technology franking machines so that optimum efficiency, tools and fees can be applied.

In a focused effort to divert business users away from stamps and older technology, Royal Mail has spent over £70 million so far on smart technology and franking machine development. Mail is trackable via a 2D readable barcode, there is dashboard management, high level visibility and the lowest pricing tariff when a smart franking machine meets their Mailmark scheme criteria and is either purchased or installed as part of a franking machine hire agreement through a leading supplier like IMS Franking.

VAT reclaim benefits are hugely attractive for users too.

The postal charges difference is considerable and over a week, month or year have an impact on profitability.

e.g. Current prices:

1st class stamp:                       65p

1st class standard franking:    57p

1st class Mailmark franking:   55p

If your company sends 2500 items of 1st class post per annum the difference between stamps and Mailmark franking machines is £250.

Franking machine hire at £20 per month totals £240 so not only is there a “free” hire, you’re also £10 in profit.

Who could refuse such a great deal? The services and benefits which standard franking machine and stamp users cannot access are easy to take advantage of.

Franking machine Pitney Bowes partners IMS Franking offer 24/7 online account management and consumables purchasing.

Franking machine suppliers normally include in the hire agreement that consumables like ink from need ink, franking machine labels and envelopes must be obtained from them to ensure quality is maintained. Whilst cheap and cheerful alternatives are available online please don’t use inferior franking machine consumables because they can affect efficiency and cause damage. If you’re trying to maximise productivity and cost effectiveness, low standard stationery will counteract benefits.

Pitney Bowes accurate smart franking machines are in use in over 1.5 million small businesses.

e.g. Sendpro 1000 for medium-high volumes:

  • Processes up to 180 items/minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen.
  • Mailmark compliant.
  • 7kg weighing platform; 35kg optional.
  • 1200 dpi colour printing.
  • 1000 cost centres. 3000 optional.
  • Online account management.

Franking machine suppliers will guide you through hire, purchase and models so please contact them today.

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