Tips on Writing A Lab Report

Do you want to know how to write a lab report? If ‘yes’, then you are at the right place today.

Lab reports are a very important part of the laboratory courses. Besides, your lab report shows what you have learned about the experiment, what you did and the experiment results. Some instructors ask you to include the report in the lab notebook while some require a separate lab report. If you are not sure how to write a lab report then have a look below.

  • Title: This is the most important section in your lab report.  The title should describe the important points of your investigation or experiment. Remember, title cannot be more than 10 words. Keep the title short, informative and straightforward.
  • Abstract: You can write the purpose of the lab report in this section. You can write around 150 to 200 words in this section of your lab report.
  • Introduction: You can explain the objective of the experiment in this section. Try to keep it as short as possible always.
  • Materials and Methods: Mention the list of methods and materials used in this experiment. Keep it simple always.
  • Results: Mention the results of your experiment here clearly. In fact, results need to be presented in this section concisely and clearly. You can actually use a table to display descriptive statistics to help the readers understand the data easily.
  • Discussions: Compare the actual results with the expected results in this section. You can suggest some ways to improve the actual results.
  • References: You can include the reference list in this section.

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