Top 5 Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

If you’re looking to grow your business, but aren’t sure where you are going to find the time to do all the things that need to be done with product development, shipping options, marketing and advertising, financial obligations, and customer service improvement, you might want to look at garnering some tools that will make your life (and your business!) easier to manage.

The goal of these tools and apps is to streamline processes so that you can’t stop worrying and move on to other goals and objectives. From management tools to growth services to data analyses instruments, there are more and more technological applications that can help manage all of the details of running and expanding your business.

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Manage your social media with Agora Pulse. Even if your business is smaller than you currently want it to be, social media management tools are necessary because they help you avoid the wearisome process of posting and reposting across social media channels. Managing information for individual platforms and working within the parameters of each can easily consume a great deal of your valuable time. Agora Pulse is not a free service, like many others, but businesses looking to scale their product and increase their reach may find that it serves their purposes better for the long term.

Robust and stalwart, this social media management tool is an excellent value for the money you will spend. Seamlessly integrating your business Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages, you will find that it has many optimal features including reporting and scheduling mechanisms, competitor analyses, and auto command tools.

Get real followers with SocialSteeze. One of the most powerful growth services on the market, SocialSteeze provides you with the help you need to grow your real followers organically. Many other growth services out there will suggest they can provide you with more, but you end up with fake followers that increase your numbers but do little to create real content, provide valuable feedback and increase the influence of your brand over time. Only real followers can impact the popularity of your brand and generate the type of interaction that matters on social media sites.

The process for increasing your following is simple and time-effective. Complete a short form, and a growth expert will respond quickly to discuss your targeted audience, whether you’re determined to move toward geographic followings or by usernames. The service offers result reports that will assist you in monitoring and analyzing your progress so that you can adjust your advertise and marketing policies and procedures accordingly.

Create attractive and enticing videos with Boomerang. Speaking of creating real content, Boomerang has been proven to be an invaluable tool for creating videos that will attract followers. Instagram businesses have found that Boomerang videos, as one of Instagram’s many features, appeal to targeted audiences and allow you to utilize movement, aesthetics, and visuals to connect with your potential consumers. These one-second videos don’t require a great deal of construction or coaching and are easy to upload.

They do not include audio, so film an interesting scene or moment, or make a captivating video about your product or service, and post it for all to enjoy. Get your followers talking and making real connections with you by posting regularly.

Repost valuable content with Repost. We aren’t done with content curation yet. Repost is an important tool that will help you organize and share user-generated content. When organically growing your following, nothing shows your consumers how much you value them like sharing their opinion and validating it, and 59 percent of millennials admit they use user-generated content to make purchasing decisions. Repost strengthens the bond between you and your customers, allowing you to click on and share original posts from others.

You will acknowledge the creator of the original post while capturing the image and message within it. You can also bookmark photos or videos that can be saved and used later or find photographs by typing in a hashtag or a user’s name. The features of repost are simple, efficient, easy-to-use, and intuitive.

Increase your numbers instantly with Likesocial. Likesocial is a tool that identifies new uploads instantaneously and sends you real Instagram likes and views spontaneously. Simply choose the amount of Instagram likes you want to receive per upload, input your Instagram username, and purchase the likes or video views. High-quality followers will be delivered over the course of the month, with natural and consistent distribution. Embrace the confidence that comes from increased likes and views, and enjoy the notoriety that will enhance your business’s status and amass influence and popularity within your product or service industry.

What are some other tools you cannot live without? Feel free to share your ideas here.


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