Top 7 Stock Picks Of 2019

Stocks are some of the more volatile items in the business world and are also some of the hardest to predict correctly. Stock values can move up and down at any given time and are affected by many factors, both external and internal, to a company. However, there are some quality stocks, those that offer exceptional growth both in the near- and long-term. Here are the top stock picks for the year 2019 and beyond. 

Nutanix (NTNX)

Nutanix is a cloud computing service delving into the storage virtualization and distributed computing industry. 

The company is presently seen as a vanguard in hybrid cloud management and is continuing to gain traction in the space. Several stock recommendations websites and analysts slapped a “buy” rating on NTNX stock, citing that new opportunities will arise because of the company’s recent Frame acquisition. 

Amazon (AMZN)

Even though Amazon took a hit on its third-quarter financial results. The numbers even worried investors and some immediately sold their shares after the drop. But, the last quarter of the year is the company’s most significant, and shares are almost already back to previous levels. The internet giant’s presence and potential growth of stocks are still unmatched. Many lists for stock recommendations 2019 will undoubtedly include Amazon. 

Dropbox (DBX) 

For the average internet user, Dropbox (DBX) does not stand out from other storage for free offers like G Suite and Microsoft 365. Now, DBX has Microsoft and G Suite as its largest partners. 

DBX’s freemium model allows for cost-effectiveness for customers, high retention levels, and many upsell opportunities. Visit a stock recommendations site, like Gorilla Trades reviews, to know more. 

Boingo Wireless (WIFI) 

Boingo provides high-speed internet and wifi services, and military barracks, airports, and hotels are some of their customers. The rampant upswing in wireless fidelity offers the company a golden opportunity to offer roaming services to cable operators. Gorilla Trades review, as well as analysts, rate this stock above average. (CRM) 

Salesforce is a market-share taker. It has a very intuitive AI system; its business fundamentals are reliable, and could potentially get better with the adoption of data analytics. Their dominant market positioning and fast growth lead analysts to conclude Salesforce as a top stock pick. 

Diamondback Energy (FANG)

Diamondback is a Permian Basin oil producer and is one of the three largest Permian pure-plays. The company has several improvements to be implemented aimed at high growth. Analysts note that FANG stock growth will be stellar, and cash dividends are expected to increase by 50% per share. 

Yext (YEXT) 

Yext, a knowledge engine and cloud-based platform, has a lot of upside potential. Analysts consider Yext as a tech leader and are positive on its growth. As the overall market reaches great heights, YEXT stocks are expected to outperform. 

These are some of the top share recommendations for the year and is expected to go beyond. If you are geared for long-term growth, then do your due diligence in stock picking. Good luck! 

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