Use the best donation platform to collect huge donations

If you look for a simple and safe way to increase the donations, you can find out and choose the best donation platform online. It is important to check the safety, features and other aspects before using anyone. Donorbox is an excellent fundraising tool equipped with a native integration facility with Stripe. The main function of this software is to aids you in receiving the recurring donation amount easily from donors. To know about the secure and finest donation software, you can read this article. It is specially developed software equipped with painless and fast checkout process while accepting numerous online payment processes. The special feature makes it an ideal place where you can get a fantastic chance to share the messages and spread your words to endless numbers of donors regardless of their location. When it comes to social sharing, it is the main feature of this platform that allows you to share your own campaign on leading social media networks. It includes LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Key features

The social sharing feature allows you to spread awareness and attract lots of interests towards your campaign. Both security and safety play the most significant roles in running a campaign, so it is important to use only the secured platforms.Donation platform has powerful and efficient security measures. These special efforts will keep both your donations and donors protected. When you decide to take any anti-fraud measures, you can opt for anti-fraud wizardry or Radar. These are two simple fraud detection methods that will surely protect the campaign from fraud. Most significantly, the donation forms at Donorbox are well-protected by TLS/SSL encryption technology. It ensures that the overall checkout procedure is safe. It is pleasing news for your donors is that the online platform does not store the card details. These are exclusive features of this platform, so you can use it for various campaigns including political, churches, nonprofits and much more.

Enjoy simple login procedure

Another impressive feature of this online platform is that it comes with simple donor login procedures. They are simple to understand and even follow. As a donor, one needs to simply enter the login page where they can enter their email id with a password before clicking on the login button. The login procedure will be the same for the organization. When it comes to price, it is an essential aspect so you can check it before receiving the donation amount. It is because the reliable internet platform allows you to enjoy free services if you receive the donation of less than $1,000 for a month.  Once you have reached the given amount within 30 days, the platform charge some transaction amount of one percent for your month’s donations. The cost of this service is affordable when compared with other donation platforms.  It is good news for donors is that Donorbox bring them ability for updating their expired cards. Moreover, this platform allows donors to edit their recurring plans when they desire.

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