Factory and industrial operations such as machine automation, equipment manufacturing, and autonomous robotics are now being handled by industrial computers. It is no secret that industrial environments are often harsh and require maximum reliability, this is where these industrial computers kick in and make the dealings less cumbersome for these industries. 

The computers are designed rockier and use a finless cooling technology. There is enhanced stability and resistance in automation industry that find it difficult to afford downtime implementations. 

What makes an industrial computer different from desktop computer?

Industrial computers are purely commercial and have specific industrial uses. 

The components embedded inside of them might appear as close representations to desktop computers. But the design concept of these computer completely deviates from the features of desktop computers.

The overall design is integral in terms of reliability and stability which provides more precision in machine automation. 

The features can be compared for evaluation of the total cost for owners and integration of computer hardware systems.

What is the design feature of industrial computer?

  1. Enclosure from factors

It is a known fact that industrial computers are destined for harsh factory conditions. They are exposed to a wide temperature range, vibrations, and spikes in voltages.

Meaning industrial computer have sturdy components developed from alloys making them sufficiently strong to endure the robust industry environments.


  1. Industrial grade components

The stations of industrial computer make them more prone for accumulating dust and debris. The cooling vents are meant for preventing such accumulation to keep a stable functionality.


The best industrial computer available in the market today.

Industrial computer[คอมพิวเตอร์ อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai] manufactured by Mitsubishi electronic limited come with several features essential for an upgraded product. Some of the factors are electromagnetic interference resistance, increased longevity, and stable operations. For more information of the specifications and product line visit the Mitsubishi website. 

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