What is not covered in auto insurance policy? 

After the car accident the first thing that the owner should do is to call the auto insurance company. It is because an auto insurance company is the one that is liable to pay the repairing cost no matter it is big or small. Moreover, insurance company is also liable to pay the repairing cost in several other situations besides accidents like fire damage, hailstorm damage and many more. But there are certain conditions also in which the insurance company is not liable to pay against the losses at all. So, before buying car insurance Culver City, it is important to ask what type of losses are covered under the policy you are taking. 

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The following are the damages for which the company is not liable.

Normal wear and tear 

Although every company is liable to pay for collision repair Culver City but they are not liable in the case of gradual or normal wear and tear. Sometimes owners usually ask the company to pay the claim even in the normal damage due to ageing factor. No matter the damage is minute or big, the company will not pay claim for any natural damage. That is why before renewing the policy company investigates the vehicle so that owner cannot cheat the company and demand for a claim. Find The Best Full Coverage Car Insurance – Forbes Advisor

Electrical or mechanical damage 

This means the most valuable part of the car that is, engine is not covered under the standard policy measures. No matter the car is new or old, the policy doesn’t cover such factor. If your car’s engine is malfunctioning or having any problem then the best thing that you can do is to take it to the dealer. It is because every car comes with engine warrantee that varies from 1 to 6 years.  So, the repair work will be done at minimum cost.

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