Yoga Insurance: What it is and Why You need it?

As a yoga instructor, you are an expert at keeping things calm and relaxed. However, one thing that is guaranteed to make nearly anyone stressed is insurance. You might think that you don’t need any insurance for your profession, but you might be wrong. Here is a quick guide to Yoga Insurance and why you should consider taking it out.

All About Yoga Insurance

Yoga insurance is a must for any instructor. Insurance protects you in the event of a claim from someone who alleges to have been hurt in some way by the actions of your business. There are many different scenarios where someone could make such a claim and you have to ensure you have some way of protecting your business. A bad claim could put you out of business if you have to pay it.

Luckily for you, yoga teacher insurance at Next Insurance can cover against many different types of claims. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why someone may make a claim against you.


You led a class recently which had a student who injured themselves in the course of the session. Perhaps she hurt a muscle during one of the more challenging poses and is now unhappy with her situation so she sues you to cover the medical costs of rehabilitation.

Covering medical costs is not easy. Luckily for you, your yoga insurance should have some sort of medical clause in it. This will allow you to pay any fees which are sent your way.


Imagine one of your clients gets a little too enthusiastic during a class and somehow breaks one of the mirrors in the studio. Traditional bad luck from breaking the mirror might not be on its way, but the owner of the studio would be well within their rights to sue you to cover the costs of a new mirror.

A claim on your insurance will help you to cover the costs of replacing this mirror.


If you want to expand your classes, you might rebrand your social media and pay for a few ads increase your reach. However, you accidentally pick a font and colour scheme which is very close to one of your competitors and they are now suing you.

Once again, your insurance can protect you against this. If you have to rebrand again, this could cost you a lot of money on top of paying fines to your competitor. While you will still have to pay the price for rebranding again, you at least won’t have to feel the strain of both bills.

These are just some of the reasons why you should take out yoga insurance. It isn’t too great a monthly expense and could even help procure your employment at a studio, since it shows you to be professional and courteous when it comes to all aspects of your business. There is no reason why you should not consider taking out a yoga insurance policy. If you are an instructor, get yours today!

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