A Look at the Essential Features of the H1B Visa 

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H1B Visa, popular as temporary work visa, has been an important non-important kind of visa. H1B Visa is also popular as an employer sponsored visa. H1B visa enables the US employers to employ alien temporary workers in specialty occupations. With the assistance of Dallas H-1B Visa Attorney, companies would bring alien professionals temporarily to the US lawfully. 

Features of H1B Visa 

Find below a few essential features of H1B Visa. 

  • Time limit of H1B Visa 

The H1B Visa has been issued for three years. However, it may be extended to another three years. Therefore, the duration would be up to six years for an H1B Visa. 

  • For availing Green Card 

H1B Visa would convince the holder to become eligible for availing permanent residency in the US. 

  • Changing company 

The H1B Visa could be transferable for a new employee. The Visa holder could begin working after receiving a receipt of H1 transfer case. 

  • Family status 

The wife of the visa holder and unmarried children, under 21 years of age, would be eligible to stay in the US under the H4 category. The duration of their stay would be the same as the H1B status. 

  • Eligibility for purchasing property 

The H1B visa holder could purchase and sell real estate or any other kind of property in the US. The visa holder could also purchase and win a lottery. 

Eligibility of H1B Visa 

To become eligible for H1B Visa, find below a list of possibilities. You would be required to fulfill any of the below-mentioned criteria. 

  • Any bachelors degree of a higher degree in the specific arena 
  • At least 12 years experience of progressive work in the similar arena 
  • A license to practice in the preferred occupation 
  • A blend of advanced education and work experience to a total of 12 years 

Benefits of acquiring the H1B Visa 

A visa holder dependent, could stay with you as long as the visa holder maintains the H1B status. The children of visa holder would also be eligible for attending a school in the US. Visa holder could travel freely throughout the US and beyond. 

Documents required for H1B Visa application 

Find below the below-mentioned documents required for H1B Visa application. 

  • The expiration date on the passport should be more than six months away 
  • Reference letters from your previous employers 
  • Tax return papers of the company 
  • Appointment letter by the employer 
  • Degree certificate 
  • A copy of the official evaluation of your degree 
  • Appointment and relieving letters for all companies where you had claimed employment 
  • Certificates of the company giving dates and duration of your service 
  • Three latest passport size colored photographs 
  • Any additional degree certificates 

These documents would be essential for you to meet the needs of filing an H1B visa in the US. 

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