Here’s how a sexual harassment lawyer in NY can help!

It can be hard to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace. However, this is unethical and punishable by law and shouldn’t be tolerated. If you have suffered sexual harassment at work, the first step is to file a written complaint against the concerned person to your supervisor. If your company fails to act, you can consider contacting one of Queens sexual harassment lawyers, to get advice. 

NY Department of Human Rights states that employers can be held responsible for sexual harassment at work, if 

  • The harassment was the fault of a co-owner/supervisor, or manager. 
  • The harassment was the fault of a regular employee, but the employer knew about it or should have known about it. 
  • The employer failed to have a solid sexual harassment policy for their office/workplace. 

In case you filed a complaint, but your employer failed to act on the same, or retaliated in a bad manner, you may have the scope of file a civil lawsuit and ask for compensation for your suffering. 

The role of a sexual harassment lawyer

Most victims have their reservations talking about sexual harassment at work, because they fear being labeled as the troublemaker. However, talking to an attorney will give you the perspective that you need to address your fears, and you will also feel confident when and if you choose to file a civil lawsuit. Your lawyer will help you understand the following – 

  1. If the matter can be considered and termed as sexual harassment, as the law defines it. Sometimes, what you may feel as sexual harassment may not be easily categorized under law. 
  2. The best way to respond to sexual harassment and the harasser. If you talk to an attorney, they will tell you more on how you can respond better, feel safe, and gather evidence at the same time. 
  3. Whether you should report the matter. Most attorneys will advice clients to report sexual harassment incidents, but how the matter is handled is as important. 
  4. Staying protected. You should also speak to a lawyer to know how you can protect yourself at the workplace against future harassment. For instance, your employer can retaliate against you in many ways. Ask your lawyer how and when you should respond. 
  5. Filing a civil lawsuit. Allow an experienced sexual harassment attorney to decide if you should file a lawsuit in the first place. 

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