Storm Casino offers elegant design, exciting game, incendiary shows and excellent cuisine. The chain has been operating in Germany since 2008 and belongs to the company Storm International, Darren Keane, specified that all the halls are made in a single luxurious style and offer the highest quality service.

You can find Storm Casino in several German cities, and in some of them works several casino-halls at once. So, in Frankfurt am Main there are just 3 elegant halls, perfectly suited not only for secluded rest, but also for organizing parties.

In Mülheim, with a slot-hall, the Storm Restaurant operates, which is suitable for family events and various parties.

In Fulda there are 2 Storm Casino halls, as well as its own sports bar and restaurant, so the chain is ideal for organizing holidays of any format.

Storm Casino in Aschaffenburg is famous for its games, and in Bensheim – its original parties. In Zimmerne, everyone can spend an unforgettable evening with the most modern slots.

The whole concept of Storm Casinos, said Darren Keane, is a luxury casino with a maximum of coziness, entertainment and bright events.