Mack Prioleau’s tips on saving money on holiday accommodations

Going on a holiday is an excellent idea. It is the greatest way of refreshing the mood. Holidaying has number of advantages. You can discover a new you, you will get rid of your depression, you can get back to work in a completely new way and lot more.

While planning for a holiday, you need to plan lot of things which include accommodation rental, places to visit, shopping and lot more. It is hard to keep within a budget, what takes up chunk amount is the accommodation rental.

Mack Prioleau, an avid traveller has listed few ways reducing the budget for accommodation while you are travelling :-

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  1. Vacation rentals – Property owners are now putting up their home for rent for the people who are coming for a short trip. These houses come with all the facilities like kitchen, rooms, toilet, TV, fridge, AC and other essential household items. Mack Prioleau says these vacation rentals homes are not only comfortable but are much cheaper than the hotel rooms.
  2. Farmhouses – More and more places are embracing the idea of developing farmhouses for the vacationers. You will find ample of choices if you opt for farmhouses in Australia, New Zealand or Europe. The amenities depend on the owner of the farmhouse. You can explore the facilities and choose one which suits your need. This is an excellent of waking up to the fresh morning country air. Farmhouses come for a lesser price than luxury hotels. Therefore, opting for one will save your money.
  3. Opt for mid-week – It might be a little difficult but if you opt for a mid-week stay at any hotel, it will come for a mush cheaper price. On the weekends the price of the rooms shoots up and touches the sky since the booking goes up. However, it may not always be possible for you to adjust your busy schedule and plan the trip in the middle of the week. But again if you can do it, this is going to prove as a big saver for your pocket.
  4. Camping – There is nothing better than sleeping under the starry sky. Well, if this sounds good to you, then go for camping. Throughout the day you can choose to explore the scenic view at night you can come back and enjoy the other facilities like camp fire and all at your own camp. You can follow Mack Prioleau suggestion to save money on your holiday accommodation.
  5. Inns – If you think you can adjust in a small room, then staying at any of the Inns will be a good idea for you. Here you will have to share bathroom, but since you will be staying for a short while, you can certainly adjust with this. This will give you an opportunity to interact with lot of people as Inns are much more personal.

If you love to travel around the world like Mack Prioleau, then you should follow his blogs to get more tips and suggestion on travel related issues.

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