Make Your Dream ‘The Reality’ With 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

In essence, a company involved in MLM business or network oriented sales employs their consumers to distribute products or services in particular geographic areas. Further these customers become sales consultants or sales persons in the next chain; they tell their associates, neighbors or co-workers about the company, its products and persuade them to buy.

This way the sales network multiplies backed by referral sales endlessly crossing a state, province even the boundary of a nation. The sales people are paid a standard commission against the products or services they sell. Most importantly, sales people down the line also receive commission out of the products that their recruited customers sell. Thus as new customers joins the sales network or are added in the sales hierarchy the upper level customers also turn into distributors. Sometime they are also referred to as recruiters to tier1, tier 2, tier 3 distributors and so on.

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Put simply, say Pinky buys some merchandise from her friend who is a distributor in an MLM company and then sells them to 3 or 5 of her friends as per the sales policy and receives some commission for the deal. Subsequently, 3 of her friends sell these products to 9 of their relatives (3 each) co-workers or friends. As per the business model, Pinky will also earn referral sales commission in different slabs from the lower chains or sale proceedings. This is how; each member or sales consultant joining MLM Company like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle California USA are earning fabulously as per market reviews.

Other than thousands of retired citizens, increasing number of working women to housewives, elderly professional, small business persons and millions of youngsters are joining 8 Figure Dream group due to its range of saleable product ideas, great business policy and amazing support to its sales associates.

Key advantages of joining MLM business

  • Less Investment: In comparison to direct sales business, MLM business models demand bare minimum investment while you enjoy the full potential to earn even more than direct sales. Thus, the risk factor is also less and your responsibility is limited.
  • Large Market Access: Even if MLM business enables you to reach increased market but this is basically done by the members involved in the network chain. Only network business offers this great opportunity to reach even those market areas or earn commission out of the sales done by lower chain sales consultants.
  • Higher Earning with Reduced Effort: Unlike direct sales, you simply don’t require investing the entire day; wander door-to-door, shop-to-shop or office-to-office for selling your items.

With 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, all you have to do is just an initial investment, making your first network chain, work in conjunction with your network partners and attending different seminars organized by the company, distributors in your territory or VIP meeting which is basically planned for affiliate orientation, awareness buildup and consolidation of business chain. This also offers you the unique advantage of meeting company management, best performers, making friendship and knowing all about your likeminded professionals.

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