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Have you ever been so helpless to find your dream product only to know that you cannot get your hands on it? Why you ask. That is because your country has rules which do not allow you to ship it. Or, even if it does, the shipping costs are beyond your reach. Well, you do not need to worry anymore with American Logistics and Distribution Inc.  American Logistics and Distribution Inc. www.american-logistics.us provide you with hassle-free shipping. Let us find out how:

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A mailing address in the US

So, you are not in the US but your shipment delivers in US only. Problem? Not anymore. Ameri provide you with an actual mailing address in the US instead of a P.O. box so your shipping becomes as smooth as silk.

Handling and forwarding parcels

With American Logistics and Distribution Inc, receiving parcels from US retailers becomes a piece of cake. Then, you get to forward them anywhere on the globe with no inconvenience. Added to this is the golden benefit of bulk shipping where you can enjoy attractive discounts especially on the items weighing more than 60kgs.

Shipping options made easy

You get the full control on how and when you need your shipment.

US fax number

At American Logistics and Distribution Inc, they provide you with a US fax number, so you can manage your shipment easily. Use this number to handle faxes and you can even view them online.

Personal shopping services

The retailer does not accept your credit card. Now what? Worry no more, because our personal shopper will do it for you. Our personal shopper will make the deal on your part so you can enjoy uninterrupted purchasing.

Multiple package service

Would it not be a better idea to save on your international delivery costs? The question is how. Well, you can simply save these additional costs by adding multiple items into one shipment and bingo!

Receive letters and parcels

The US mailing address helps you receive everything directly including magazines, bank statements and whatever you buy from retailers. Everything under your control.

Manage your mail

You can read your mail online and then you get to choose what you need to do with it. Forward it to anyone, anywhere in the world; keep it, or delete it. You’re the boss!

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Let us handle your parcels

How difficult is it to find a reliable person to check up on your parcels before you deliver them elsewhere? Or even worse would be your clients receiving damaged deliveries. With American Logistics, you do not need to think about that because American Logistics can check it all on your behalf. Our personnel, upon your approval, will open the parcels, check them for damages, and sort them into good-to-go or needs-rechecking categories.

Virtual office on the go!

What more could you ask for? With a US address, phone and a fax number, American Logistics opens doors to your own personal virtual office where you can manage every shipment without actually being in the US. Happy shipping!

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