What is Account-Based Customer Success?

These days’ salesmen and account managers are shifting their method to focus on accounts rather than just guide. You may have probably heard about the account based management and customer success but, have you ever heard about account-based customer success?

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Account based customer success is the combination of account based management and customer success to create the ultimate management system. Customer success is the department that is responsible for helping your customers be successful with your solutions. That is why it is important for your marketing and customer team to work in team.

It is the way to improve sales and management system. ABD is very popular nowadays and in B2B space, best in class customer department have always been focused on the account then the individual. Now that ABM is becoming the new normal marketing department are finally catch up. Business to Business needs to meeting their entire sales, marketing and customer success team to turn top fit.

What is ABM?

Account based management is a great method of sales and marketing but it still lose its fundamental principal of customer success. In customer success the main focus of companies is on their customers to make sure that they not only buy their services but also helps to achieve their goals. ABM is sales usually take control of the marketing success and this can beneficial in some cases as generating sales is the ultimate goal. It is a traditional lead-based approach to marketing and selling of services.  

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In ABM, there are two different accounts, the whales and the minnows. Whales are the key accounts and refer to the limited number of account which is the part of your business’s income. Minnows on the other hand are the minor accounts which make the volume of your business operation. Under ABM you can find account-based customer success


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