What Kind of Herbal Medicine Care You Can Go For Now

Herbal medicine is a parallel natural medicine based on the benefits of plants or their extracts. With almost 63% of French people who trust herbal medicine and 35% who use plants in addition to traditional medicine, this so-called “soft” medicine has more and more followers. However, plants can also cause side effects and be contraindicated (with other natural substances or drugs).

To be able to make the most of their benefits and choose the best plants suited to your needs, our drugstore gives you homeopathy advice online through its phytotherapy advice packs, produced by your pharmacist. You will be able to benefit from the action of different natural substances to treat a particular symptom. Now as you use the apply 5% iHerb HK code as you make the purchase of the herbal medicines, the options are open for you.

The Current Options

Currently, 546 medicinal plants are listed in the French Pharmacopoeia. Among them, some are now recognized worldwide as valerian, ginseng or St. John’s wort. However, of the 250,000 to 300,000 plants known worldwide, only 2% have so far been studied. Herbal medicine therefore still has a lot to deliver. This plant-based medicine is often combined with other natural substances such as beehive products (honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly). In this way, efficiency is optimal! It can also accompany micro-nutrition (prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc.).

  • In this section, find phytotherapy advice packs bringing together the best plants to improve your well-being and health. The “winter” pack, for example, will strengthen your body’s immunity and will help you spend a winter in great shape. It contains natural food supplements based on royal jelly, propolis and thyme which help to strengthen the natural defenses and help to soothe the respiratory tract. We also invite you to consult our dedicated section to find the best plant for each pathology.
  • Getting your herbs and herbal medicines from pharmacies is the easiest, practical and safe way to heal yourself naturally. The pharmacist will be able to advise you on the preparation methods and doses to take. But if despite everything you want to take care of your own preparations with plants, even their production and their picking, discover our tips for doing well.

For those who prefer to produce their herbal remedies, a minimum of training and knowledge in botany and phytotherapy are essential prerequisites. This allows to get the best benefits from the plants and to avoid any risk. Choose well, use well and respect the doses of all or part of a medicinal plant are essential. From culture to conservation and preparation, the user should know each step and not hesitate to seek the advice of an authorized professional. With SocialJio – iHerb Discounts you can have the smartest bits.

Medicinal plants: from culture to conservation

The cultivation of medicinal plants used for masterful preparations in pharmacies or for the manufacture of herbal medicines is subject to very strict rules. The choice of places, the conditions of culture, the care to be given to the plants, the harvest and the conditions of conservation and storage are rigorously controlled by the sanitary and agricultural authorities.

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