5 More Tips And Tricks for the GoPro Hero6 Black

In a previous article, we shared some of our favourite tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your GoPro Hero6 action camera. We received so many responses here at Viddedit, that we decided to add some more tips that will make your Hero6 experience even better. Let’s take a look:

Lock the screen- how many times have you bumped the screen while recording and accidentally shut off the camera or changed the settings? To avoid this in the future, go to the launch settings on your camera and tap the padlock shaped icon. This will lock the screen until you swipe-down and physically press on the padlock again.

Shoot footage in slow-motion- with today’s action cameras focused on speed, some videographers looking to shoot footage in slow motion might feel left out. If you are looking to shoot in slow motion and don’t mind losing some resolution, go ahead and turn up your FPS count and shoot away. You can go all the way up to 240 if you like and capture every moment of the action. Just click the FPS number at the bottom of the touch screen and select the number you like.

Use your smartphone as a remote viewer- did you know that with the GoPro Hero6, you can use your smartphone as a remote viewer? Stop straining your eyes looking at that 2-inch screen and watch the action on your smartphone bydownloading the “GoPro Capture” app and using the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi network.

Change up the default mode- with the Hero6, you can easily change the default mode to make the launch mode go to whatever you like or use the most. In standard mode, when you touch the shutter button, the camera turns on and goes into video mode and starts recording. To change that, go to Preferences, then select Default Mode and reselect your standard capture mode of choice upon launch.

Create edits on the go- the GoPro Hero6 has some decent GoPro video editing tools built in but they won’t let you do anything more advanced than clipping a video. You can, however, download GoPro’s Quick app to your smartphone and quickly and easily edit on the go.

To learn more about GoPro video editing or to have your GoPro footage professionally edited by experts, contact Viddedit today.

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