5 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Important Keys in Your Life

Being careful of your keys is very important. It opens your house, car, business space and other important lockers or vaults. If you lose your keys to that and you have no replacement, it’s going to be a very troublesome experience. If you lost your car keys, you can’t get to work and will need to contact an automobile locksmith Houston provider if you’re in the Texas region.

Below are five easy ways to be mindful of your keys so that you do not lose them.

Designate a spot for your keys

Always keep your keys at the same place in your home, car or business space. Create a routine wherein the keys will always go to that same spot so that it becomes a habit. One of the easy ways to lose your keys is to keep it in different places depending on your whim. It would be good to put all the keys in a key wallet and then designate a special place in your home, car or business space where you will put that key wallet in a safe place. If you’re going to put the key wallet in your bag, then make sure you put the bag in the same spot each time so that you never lose your bag.

Plan ahead

Be a planner. Always think ahead of your activities of the day. Use a planner whether a notebook or a digital one. The important thing with planning is that it gives you the correct perspective in preparing for things. This means you won’t be rushing to places. Instead, you’ll give yourself buffer time for possible things that can delay you. Keys are often forgotten or become lost because we’re in a mad rush. So get your planners out and become more organized and mindful of your time. If you’re driving, that means you’ll be able to reach your destination ahead of time, and your pace and routine will be maintained.

Eliminate clutter 

Another reason why keys could get lost is that your home, car or office space is a mess. Clutter is an enemy. It is taxing on your mind, and it makes it difficult to find things when you’re in a hurry. So take time during the week to clean your space, throw away unnecessary things and start keeping things where they should be.

Always have spare keys

Make copies of your keys and put the extra copies in strategic spots that will allow you to use them when you’re in a bind.

For example, you can keep your extra house keys near a plant near your door. You can also give people you trust and interact often and are easy to get hold of a copy of your extra keys. In this way, you can just contact them in those rare times you get locked out.

Always double check

Before leaving any place, always check you have your valuables with you, especially your keys. A few seconds of double checking will save your sanity and money going forward.

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